If you’re looking for a DJ with more heart than hype, then KSUHDILLA should be on your list of artists to see. The Grand Junction, Denver-based DJ and producer’s genuine, authentic approach to electronic music has begun to open major doors for her in the trap and dubstep community. With her unique mixing style and heavy-hitter favorites she’s found herself playing festivals such as Global Dance as well as been direct support for artists such as Crywolf, Stooki Sound, Bommer, and Bear Grillz.


After holding down a Tuesday residency at Grand Junction bar Thunderstruck, KSUHDILLA, (whose actual name is Hannah), landed a gig at the High 5 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Being that the occasion made for her first opportunity to play trap and dubstep as opposed to top 40, she considers it her first professional DJ performance. She later started her residency at Mesa Theater by opening for Crywolf, and from there played at the venue on a monthly basis.

Once KSUHDILLA began experimenting with her decks’ functionality, she developed her signature style: mash-ups of trap and dubstep tracks that pair crisp, serene vocal melodies with visceral bass lines and bone-rattling drops. As for her stage name, it more or less chose her. Once she sent out a fateful snap of herself pretending to DJ on a quesadilla as if it were a turntable, she couldn’t ditch the moniker no matter how hard she tried.

In 2018 and beyond, KSUHDILLA is sure to build her audience further. Keep a close eye on her as she moves on to bigger and better things in the world of EDM.

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